Laura has made it to Tanzania and so it begins. The team here in TZ is ready!!

Laura, Calvin, Peter, Joseph and Charles  

Today we worked through several challenges including 1) shipping from the U.K. to TZ 2) internet outages and planning of experiments.

Shipping is a bit complicated but Charles here at MARI in TZ has made an awesome work flow to deal with it in the future see below-

New Note.png

We are awaiting the supplies to be cleared from customs…tomorrow- fingers crossed they were kept cold. The nanopore team has been great about helping around the clock.

Internet is down at MARI so we have opted to use my iPhone as a hotspot for the Macpro and use the Vodacom network because that has the strongest signal at MARI. Tomorrow we do some computer testing to make sure all the software is ready and up-to-date. Many thanks to Anders Savill from my team and Micheal Hall from Lachlan Coin’s group at UQ in Australia has made a cool new software –Streamformatics!!

Planning went well today.  We head to the field to meet farmers and collect infected material on Sunday and then extractions, etc


We are all so excited and looking forward to trying this technology!

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