Ok, so we had ZERO pores on our two flow cells.  We suspect our flow cells were frozen in customs. Why? 1) It’s the first time they have been shipped here (so these items were not in the Kenyan customs officials database) and 2) We feel the labeling on the Nanopore box needs a bit of improvement when shipped to Kenya (and E. Africa in general). So here are our suggestions:

On the BOX:

1.     Ship separate boxes for each temperature (customs can’t open the box to separate).

2.     In large font on the box  “Store Freeze -20C” OR

3.     In large font on the box  “Store Fridge 2-8C”

4.     Highlight the temperature in the paperwork
5.     Put recipients phone number on the outside of the box

Paperwork taped ON THE BOX:

1.     Clearly state the material is not poisonous or for human consumption

2.     Clearly state it has no resale value and is for research only
We have another shipment on the way. Let’s hope we get it quickly and with new labelling.

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