Uganda: Round 2 taking the tree lab to the farmer. This time we followed up with our farmer Naomi- turns out she has moved back to her village up north BUT her cassava fields were in good hands as her sister Olivia was looking after them and the harvest was massive.  One farmer at a time we will transform the food security space.

Naomi’s cassava- 9 months later. IMPACT.

We arrived at the lab to find no power or internet – for the entire week- so it gave us the chance to test the infield diagnostic equipment with the Ugandan team!  All went well.  We set-up another tree lab to help farmer Sarah and her beautiful family including her daughter Sandra. They enjoyed watching the DNA extraction, library prep, sequencing followed by some quick bioinformatics.  Happy to report Jo’s DNA extraction machine coupled with the minION and the MinIT make the perfect mobile lab. On the spot diagnostics. Proud. Very proud.  We are now in Kenya and will do it all over again here. Pictures are worth a thousand words- see below for the magical moments in Uganda.

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