February 2019 we had a informal training session at Dr. Ndunguru’s new research facility TARI-Selian in Arusha, Tanzania. This trip we ran our first Oxford Nanopore plant and vector diagnostic clinic! We had scientists in the region bring infected plant samples and insects they were interested in sequencing including wheat, barley, maize, beans, fall army worm, whiteflies and more. We used a the Qiagen DNeasy plant kit for extractions this time [shout-out to Dr. Monica Kehoe for the help] as we are waiting for the PDQeX to be available and Chelex for the insects. We had success but it is up to those researchers to tell their stories so we shall leave it at that. The data analyses was much harder because we had so many hosts and also we had no idea what we would find so we partnered with Associate Professor Lachlan Coin and his team who have developed a cool new cloud solution. Charles Kayuki was an excellent training and did a great job with instructions in Kiswahili! See below.

We also had the great fortune of having a meeting with Honorable Christophe Bazivamo who is the Deputy Secretary General of Product Services for the East African Community. He and the team were very impressed with the project and invited us to Kampala, Uganda to present our work to the East African Community regional consultations on the draft EAC SPS regulations and SOPS validation meeting in Kampala, Uganda on 26-28th Feb, 2019.  Dr. Sseruwagi and Dr. Laura Boykin attended the meeting and presented the work for the team. Everyone was very receptive.  Further engagement is ongoing.

And finally, we had the great honor to be featured in three news items below:




Some pictures from the training in Arusha, Tanzania:

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