Team member Brenda Muga presented our solution to ending hunger at a United Nations event in Nairobi Kenya.

From the event:”Approximately 800 million people rely on the Cassava plant, as a source of food and/or a source of income. But Cassava is being devastated by two viruses across East Africa, both transmitted by the whitefly: Cassava mosaic disease and Cassava brown streak disease. Brenda Muga, a young scientist, and her team at the Cassava Virus Action Project (CVAP), have the audacious goal to save the cassava plant and, in the process, build infrastructure and scientific capacity to handle any crop disease outbreak or pandemic in East Africa. Using the latest technologies, such as pocket DNA sequencing and supercomputing, CVAP can almost instantly diagnose the health of crops in the field — a process that used to take 3 months. CVAP also strives to achieve equity in science, as team members are based in the national labs of each country, ensuring that the voices of local scientists are heard. Through these paradigm shifts, CVAP aims to positively impact the lives of 10 million farmers and their families within the next 6 years, and equip East Africa with the tools and resilience needed to stop outbreaks of deadly pathogens.”


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